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Faculty and Instructors

Dr. David NiñoDavid Niño
Professor In The Practice Of Engineering Leadership
LEAD 309

David Niño is the Director of Open Programs for Executive Education at Jones Graduate School of Business.  Prior to this appointment, he served as the Director of Leadership Rice and on the faculties of The University of Houston-Downtown and the University of Texas at Austin, where he taught undergraduate and graduate courses in leadership and management.

Dr. Niño has 9 years of experience teaching at the university level and 15 years teaching executives.  These courses have focused on topics such as managerial and leadership skills, teamwork, internal and external communications, and strategic management.  He has consulted with corporations in the energy, travel, and high technology industries and with municipal governments in both the U.S. and Mexico.

Dr. Niño has published and researched in the areas of leadership, culture, and knowledge management.  His publications have focused on topics such as how organizational cultures influence patterns of knowledge sharing, the expression of emotions, the use of technology, and ethical decision making.

In addition to research, teaching, and consulting, Dr. Niño has served his communities in many capacities.  While in Austin, he was appointed by the Mayor and City Council to The Ethics Review Commission and to The Environmental Board.  He is also a former volunteer with Big Brother and Big Sisters of America.

Dr. Deborah BarrettDeborah Barrett
Professor of the Practice of Writing and Communication
LEAD 321, LEAD 325

Deborah Barrett has taught communication for over 25 years, specializing in professional and team communication for the last 20 years. She has taught at Rice University, where she was a lecturer in managerial communications in the MBA program from 1988-1991; at Texas A&M University, where she was a visiting assistant professor in technical writing; and at Houston Baptist University, where she was an associate professor of English and director of the writing specialization and English internship programs. She has coached executives and conducted numerous workshops on writing, presentations, teams, negotiations, consulting, and intrapreneurship for organizations across the world. Her approach to effective professional communication, called, "leadership communication," is the title of her book, published by McGraw-Hill in 2005. In conjunction with Leadership Rice, Deborah Barrett teaches LEAD 321: Leadership Communication, a course that helps students articulate ideas with poise, confidence, and clarity.

Department Profile 

Dr. Kevin Kirby(2)Kevin Kirby
Vice President for Administration
LEAD 330, LEAD 335

Kevin E. Kirby, Ed.D. is the Vice President for Administration at Rice University. Prior to joining Rice, Dr. Kirby was the Chief Operating Officer for the Columbia University Medical Center;  served as Executive Officer for the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke at the National Institutes of Health;  held several management positions with the Army Research Laboratory;  served on the staff of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy;  served as science adviser for the Commanding General, Army Forces Command;  and started his career conducting research on the low temperature behavior of materials at the Army Materials Technology Lab.  Kevin holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from Syracuse University, an M.S. in management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, another master’s degree in social and organizational learning from George Mason University, and a doctorate in higher education from the University of Pennsylva

Dr. MclendonGeorge  Mclendon
Howard R. Hughes Provost
LEAD 313

George L. McLendon became the Howard R. Hughes Provost and Professor of Chemistry for Rice University in July, 2010. The Provost is the chief academic officer of the University.The mission of the Provost’s Office is to promote and support excellence in all dimensions of the University's academic, research, scholarly and creative programs and activities. The Provost works with the University’s deans, as well as a team of Vice and Associate Provosts in fulfilling the academic leadership and administrative roles of the University and Provost’s Office. The Provost is a member of the University’s major planning and academic committees, including the Strategic Planning and Budget Priorities Committee, and serves ex officio as a member of the Faculty Senate. He continues to teach undergraduates, and conduct research in dry design for oncology.

George L. McLendon was dean of the faculty of Arts and Sciences at Duke University, a position he assumed in July 2004.  He was also professor of Chemistry and professor of Biochemistry and Experimental Cancer Therapeutics in the School of Medicine.  In July 2008, he was also named dean of Trinity College, the undergraduate administrative unit of Arts and Sciences.  Dr. McLendon was previously the R.W. Moore Professor and chair of the Department of Chemistry at Princeton University.  A Texas native, he received his BS from the University of Texas at El Paso in 1972 and his Ph.D. from Texas A&M in 1976.  He also taught at the University of Rochester, where he was the Tracy H. Harris Professor of Chemistry and professor of Biochemistry in the School of Medicine.

McLendon’s research is focused on inorganic and physical biochemistry.  He has published over 200 peer reviewed papers and received national research awards, including the American Chemistry Society Pure Chemistry Award, the Eli Lilly Award in Ecochemistry, Sloan Dreyfus Award, and Guggenheim Fellowships.  His publications range from solar nanotechnology to cell death pathways.  His most recent research has direct implications for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases.  He has been involved in launching several biotech startups, including Tetralogic Pharmaceuticals. 

Delano BrissettDelano Brissett

Delano Brissett is the Founder and CEO of Wynston, an online career and technical education startup. Prior to founding Wynston, Delano worked in education and management consulting, with stints at Teach For America, the Robin Hood Foundation, and the Boston Consulting Group. Delano holds an AB in Mathematics from Dartmouth College and an MBA and an MA in Education from Stanford University.