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 National Conference for Student Taught Initiatives (Pierre Elias ‘11, Ara Parsekian ‘11)
To enable student leaders at Rice to engage with administrators and students from various universities and colleges across the country.  Through these national interactions, Rice students are able to learn from others’ experiences, discuss different ideas, and improve student taught courses at Rice.  As student taught courses become increasingly popular at Rice, Rice University becomes a stronger presence in the national Student Taught Course community. 


Owl List (Violetta Krol ‘12 and Konrad Stoick ‘11)
An online marketplace for Rice students and staff hoping to trade books, furniture, and other miscellaneous items.  Owl List now functions in association with the Student Association (SA) and is the premier place for students and staff to trade goods versus previously being traded through college list servs and bulletins.  Owl List has also opened up jobs for students on campus and encourages campus-wide interactions.

Research Mentorship Initiative (RMI) (Rahul Rekhi ‘13)
To fill the gaps in education for students at inner-city high schools who lag behind more affluent students, especially in science, technology, engineering, and math related careers.  RMI introduces these disadvantaged students to scientific research and encourages them to pursue careers in those fields.  Undergraduates who participate in RMI mentor these students in their math and science research alongside Rice professors and graduate students. 

Rice Through the Decades (Eli Spector ‘14, Rohini Sigireddi ‘14)
To embrace Rice University’s history and presents it to the world through a RiceWiki website and various podcasts on iTunes.  The RiceWiki page, much like other university’s Wikipedia pages, features articles about student life, residential colleges, and university history while the podcasts feature a series of interviews with prominent community members, faculty, and alumni.