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Program Overview

Leadership Rice seeks to accomplish its mission through a blend of curricular and co-curricular activities devoted to both the theory and practice of leadership.

Academic Classes   

Leadership Rice offers several classes that focus on leadership concepts and skills, including:

LEAD 150: Leadership in a Professional Contexts (pre-requisite:  Leading Edge Workshop)
LEAD 250: Leadership and Professional Excellence  (for Summer Mentorship Experience fellows only)
LEAD 301/HUMA 312 Historical and Intellectual Foundations of Leadership
LEAD 309: Leadership: Theory to Practice
LEAD 311: Leadership and Creativity
LEAD 313: Entrepreneurial Leadership
LEAD 320/HUMA 311: Rhetoric of Leadership
LEAD 321: Leadership Communication
LEAD 325: Applied Leadership: Power, Influence, and Persuasion 
LEAD 330:  Leadership in Higher Education
LEAD 335:  Crisis Leadership
LEAD 545/ENGI 545:  Structured Problem Solving

Visit the Courses page for more information.

Leading Edge Workshop and LEAD 150: Leadership in Professional Contexts 

The Leading Edge Workshop prepares students to exceed expectations in experiences outside the university, and then to leverage those opportunities for future leadership.  During this 2-day workshop, students will learn how to make an impact in a professional setting, lead at any level in an organization, and apply strengths and build skills to increase leadership capacities.  Upon completion of the workshop, students who secure their own summer internships have the opportunity to enroll in LEAD 150, a 1-credit course. 
Visit the Leading Edge page for more details.

Summer Mentorship Experience 

Leadership Rice's Summer Mentorship Experience is a prestigious summer internship program for Rice undergraduates who aspire to high-level leadership. The SME is more than a typical summer internship. Before starting their internships, students attend training sessions that focus on leadership in professional contexts. For nine weeks over the course of the summer, students perform substantive work with recognized leaders in public, private, and non-profit organizations. Students also complete readings and written assignments that deepen their understanding of the personal and professional demands leaders face. Most significantly, each student is paired with a mentor who is responsible for overseeing the student's learning and personal development. Previous placements have been in Houston, New York City, Washington D.C., Paris, and Pune, India.

Visit the Summer Mentorship Experience page for more details.

Envision Grant  

Students are invited to take the lead in bringing their ideas to life by applying for an Envision Grant. Open to all Rice students through a competitive application process, Envision Grants provide up to $2,500 in seed money to support student projects that promote service, foster leadership development, demonstrate ingenuity, and plan for sustainability. Implementing a project funded by an Envision Grant is a excellent way for students interested in applying for prestigious scholarships and fellowships to demonstrate that they possess the initiative and ability to translate ideas to action.

Visit the Envision Grant page for more details.

Workshops and Events 

Leadership Rice facilitates student participation in lectures, conferences, and other events related to leadership development. We also offer various workshops on leadership with topics covering: values-driven leadership, relationship building and networking, risk-taking, overcoming failure, effective communication, teamwork, and authentic leadership.