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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I work this summer?
During the application process, students indicate the types of placements that are of greatest interest. The Center for Civic Leadership is responsible for matching students with organizations and mentors and cannot guarantee a specific placement at the time of application, but we do our best to place students in contexts that will be interesting, challenging, and relevant to career goals. Offers of admission are for placement with a specific organization, so students are not required to commit to the program before they know where they would be working.

How much is the stipend?
Stipends vary according to cost of living. Houston: $4000, New York City: $6000, Washington, D.C.: $6000, San Francisco: $6000, international: varies by location

How can I improve my chances of admission to the program?
Approach the application process and interview (if granted) as if you were applying directly to an external organization, consider consulting with Center for Career Development and the Center for Written, Oral, and Verbal Communication to polish application materials, and make a compelling case for how you will benefit the program and benefit from it.

Can I apply as a freshman?
Ambitious freshmen are invited to apply, but should be aware that admissions preference is given to similarly qualified sophomores and juniors.

How do I apply?
To access the application, please click here for instructions. Required materials include a letter of recommendation, so we encourage you to start the application process early.

Does the CCL prepare me to succeed in my mentorship?
Yes! All LRME participants must enroll in LEAD 250, a two-credit class that meets for two days after spring final exams. During these class days, you will interact with CCL staff and get to know other students in the LRME program, including a small cohort of students you will interact with regularly throughout the summer. You will also become familiar with essential leadership skills and keys to success in professional contexts.

If I need to miss part of the 3-day LEAD 250 class, can I still participate in the program?
No.  The 3-day LEAD 250 class is a requirement of the program.  100% attendance is necessary and there is no room for flexibility.

Who can I contact for more information or with questions?
Contact Felicia Martin at 713-348-4785 or felicia.m.martin@rice.edu